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Camp PMC Certification Program is a personal learning experience designed with separate development paths for metal clay artisans and metal clay instructors.


After completing the core class, Camp PMC Course 101, students can choose to advance their metal clay skills in artisan classes, become a PMC Instructor, or both! Students completing Camp PMC Course 101 will receive an 8% discount on PMC clays at Clay Revolution and Rio Grande Jewelry Supply.


Artisan classes include specialty techniques such as glass incorporation, enameling on metal clay, stone setting, and much more! Artisan courses are currently in development and will be announced soon.


Instructor classes include two levels, PMC Instructor and PMC Principal Instructor. PMC Instructors will be eligible to teach Camp PMC Course 101. PMC Principal Instructors will be eligible to teach PMC Instructor Course 201. Students completing PMC Instructor Course 201 will receive a 10% discount on PMC clays at Clay Revolution and Rio Grande Jewelry Supply.

Students will receive a Certificate of Completion issued by Sawtooth School for Visual Art, for each course completed.

Great art and education are developed with the freedom to grow and learn. Camp PMC is an inclusive learning program which does not exclude students or instructors based on affiliations.

Camp PMC Certification Program is proudly supported by:

Mitsubishi Materials Trading Corporation

Sawtooth School for Visual Art

Clay Revolution

Rio Grande Jewelry Supply

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  • 8% Discount on all PMC clays at Clay Revolution and Rio Grande Jewelry Supply.

  • Superior education experience delivered by certified instructors with required annual education.

  • Recognized certificate issued by Sawtooth School for Visual Art upon completion.


  • 10% Discount on PMC clays at Clay Revolution and Rio Grande Jewelry Supply.

  • Instructor courses designed to train in the art of instruction.

  • Annual continuing education to ensure the most up to date information available.

  • Pre-written course materials for your students.

  • Distinguished certification and recognition within the metal clay community.

  • Freedom to teach other courses and brands.

Sawtooth School for Visual Art in Winston-Salem, NC is the headquarters for Camp PMC Certification Program.

For your convenience, instructors and venues are location throughout North America.

Contact Sawtooth School for Visual Art, 251 N Spruce St., Winston-Salem, NC 27101 336-723-7395

"I think these are great fundamental techniques for beginners and also nice review and reinforcement for any level maker in metal clay." - Cathy Flesher, Instructor

"This certification program is not just technical information; it also offers effective teaching strategies designed to address various learning styles, good tips on communication skills and other helpful ideas on how to be a more productive teacher." - Brenda Branson, Instructor

"The standardized projects pushed me to work outside of my comfort zone and approach things with a new view. The variety of clays used and methods used are perfect to set your base knowledge to be a successful metal clay artist." - Pam Hurst, Instructor

"Learning the basics of fine silver metal clay under benevolent and accurately informed, happy teachers, is the worth every moment of your precious time; and will send you on your way filled with ideas." - Barbara Becker Simon, Instructor