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The instructor program features two levels; PMC Instructor and PMC Principal Instructor. To become a PMC Instructor, students must complete Camp PMC Course 101 and PMC Instructor Course 201 or a Crossover Certification. To become a PMC Principal Instructor, students must complete Camp PMC Course 101, PMC Instructor Course 201 and PMC Principal Instructor Course 301 or a Crossover Certification.


The Camp PMC Certification Program ensures superior education and maintains integrity by adhering to pre-written lesson plans and requiring annual continuing education for all certifying instructors. After completion of the applicable course, all instructors can purchase the lesson plan of their choice. This is a one-time purchase which entitles the instructor to teach that course and issue certificates under the Camp PMC Certification Program name. In order to maintain eligibility, all instructors are required to watch an annual continuing education video.

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